Fixer in Japan: Dependable Local Support for Foreign Crews & Journalists

Fixer in Japan is a trusted team of local media professionals offering top quality support to international production crews and foreign journalists filming in Japan.

We are skilled and experienced with handling all aspects of production and source for production needs. Our direct services include location scouting, logistics and general production support. In addition, we source crew and logistics through our network of local partners.

Our production fixers are highly experienced with working with international crews. We can provide records of our excellent services upon request. Fixer in Japan can source local crew that is English-speaking and highly skilled.

Fixer in Japan is part of Storytailors, a worldwide production service network providing local services for journalists and production crews working internationally.

We offer services such as:

General production assistance for foreign journalists and international film and TV crews working in Japan

Crew sourcing: we negotiate the best deals and contracts with local crews in Tokyo, Osaka and other filming locations all over the country.

Location research and general management:  we carry out detailed inquiries about filming locations for our clients and process filming permits.

Our production fixers in Japan can also work in a number of roles within any crew and this includes:

Production manager (hands-on assistance for any production needs)

Location scout/manager (local location expert to handle scouting and film permits)

Production assistant (basic on-ground production help)


Tokyo and Osaka are the main filming locations in Japan. However, we also have an impressive network of film fixers spread out all over the country, from the major cities to the smaller communities and neighbourhoods.

Feel free to contact us if you are working in Japan as a filmmaker, producer or international journalist. 

We can assist you with all the logistics needed for a complete and comprehensive production or press coverage.

Production Services

Support for international journalists

Local support in form of logistics, research and quick fact checks

TV commercials

Assisting international TV companies with locations and other production needs for commercials

General production assistance

All your production needs for filming in Japan in one place

Film production

Affordable support for all types, stages, and aspects of filming

Equipment rental & crew sourcing

Gear rental and crew hiring through our local contacts in Japan

Location scouting and permits processing

General location research and permits processing

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