Technology and modern living, those are the two things that scream Japan whenever this country is brought up. Naturally, media production in Japan is as exciting and as fiable as the entire country is. A tad more expensive, producing media in Japan is reliable and 100% successful, every time.

Media production in Japan – the secrets of success

If you’ve decided on doing media production in Japan, be it the actual filming or the post-production part, you’re in for a treat. Why? Because Japan is the most advanced country in the world when it comes to technology. This means you will find the absolute best equipment in this corner of the globe, usually at great prices. If your cameras or mounts broke, repair shops are literally at every corner in cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and so on. This makes renting or buying gear while on the ground very easy and reliable, with shops running on 24-hour non-stop schedules all year round.

Another reason why media production in Japan is a great idea is diversity. Here, you can film pretty much anything, regardless if it’s a movie, TV series, documentary, advertisement, and so on. Japan is so diverse, it has a little bit of everything, from mountains to the sea, and from waterfalls and parks to plain lands and dense forests filled with mystery. And of course, there’s that one reason which draws the millions to Japan every year, namely, the delicious food. Sushi that melts in the mouth, beef that’s so rare and expensive, it comes with a certificate, as well as deserts and drinks that you know it’s worth travelling for hours for.

On the other side, filming in Japan will come at a cost. For once, you will need your fixer on the ground, helping you around with the language barrier, the local laws for filming, permits and city passes, and so on.

Best places to film in Japan

If you’re set on organizing your media production in Japan, there are a few hidden gems where you can point your cameras towards. Leave Tokyo or Kyoto behind and go for the unexplored, the places that deserve some publicity on the world media scene. One of which is Yonaguni, an island at the far West of the Japanese archipelago. Here, you will find natural sparkling waters and have the chance of diving with hammerhead sharks. Visit the mysterious Yonaguni underwater monument, and see if you can uncover its secrets once and for all.

Another place that’s off the beaten path in Japan is Yakushima, an island that offers some of the most picturesque forest landscapes on this planet. If you’re into nature videography, or are shooting a nature-themed video, this is 100% where you should go. The forest is one of the few ancestral forests in the world, with the famous Japanese cider growing here undisturbed by pollution and dirty air. Permits are expensive here, but so worth it for a shooting day or two.