From its buzzing megacities to its tranquil countryside, Japan is a sort of heaven for filmmakers offering a wealth of filming locations diverse in nature and variety. The beautiful country offers several stunning natural landscapes along with castles, temples, Shinto shrines in traditional neighborhoods as well as modernized cities. Here are some of the most impressive filming locations in Japan.


This is the northernmost of Japan’s main islands and offers its best in terms of big cities and small neighborhood against a backdrop of incredible natural landscapes. There are several volcanoes, hot springs and national parks on this island. Hokkaido is also widely reputed as the site to some of the best powder ski resorts in the world. The largest city in Hokkaido is Sapporo. Other cities in this region which can be considered good filming locations in Japan include Hakodate and Wakkanai.

Kanto Region

The island of Kanto is the largest in the country. This region is also where you will find Tokyo, which is the capital city and main production center. There are a lot of interesting filming locations in Tokyo such as the Imperial Palace, Edo-Tokyo museum, Opera City Concert Hall, the Tokyo Tower. There are also several temples and shrines within the city and new modern architecture. The newly renamed Toyosu Fish Market (formally Tsukiji Film Market) is also a place to keep an eye on.

filming in Japan - Kanto

Chubu region

Located right at the center of the island of Honshu, the Chubu region hosts Nagoya, Japan’s most modern business hub. Kanazawa also was known as the creative city is also in this region. Other locations of interest include the Shirakawa-go mountain village, Mount Fuji and the five Fuji lakes, Matsumoto Castle and a long list of others.

filming in Japan - Chubu

Kansai Region

The Kansai region is located in the south-central part of the Island of Honshu. Also known as Kinki Region, Kensai hosts Japan’s second most populated city, Osaka, and its two satellites, Kobe and Kyoto. The city of Kobe is widely reputed in Japan as the film-friendly city.

filming in Japan - Kansai

Chugoku Region

Also popularly called San’in-San’yō, Chingku is where you will find Hiroshima, one of the most historically significant locations in Japan. The rebuilt city which is also the capital of this region has now been transformed into an industrial metropolis. Other potential filming locations in this region include the Tottori Sand Dunes, the Miyajima Islands, the Iwakuni’s Kintai-Kyo Bridge.

filming in Japan - Chugoku


The third largest island in Japan has several natural scenic locations and historical structures as well. Fukuoka is the largest city in this region and hosts a museum entirely dedicated to the evolution of the toilet. Another historical location in this region is Nagasaki, which is the last city to withstand a nuclear attack. Other places that might be of interest to filmmakers include the Hashima or Battleship Island, the Kuju Mountains, the Okinawan Islands and the Yakushima Island where you will find some of the oldest living trees in Japan.

filming in Japan - Kyushu

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