Fixer in Japan acts as a full-service production company. Our team of production fixers is able to work autonomously to settle locations, access and general production needs. In addition, we work with local logistics companies and assist with hiring extra crew for film/commercial projects.

Our fixers in Japan work on a freelance basis and this is one of the advantages of working with us. We have no fixed costs, which makes working with us a cheaper alternative to regular production companies in Japan.

Location Scouting

While the main filming locations in Japan are Tokyo and Osaka, we also have a network of contacts spread out all over the country.

Japan is a rather large and complex territory and you will need the knowledge and experience of our local film fixers to get around.

Crew Sourcing

Japan offers an impressive pool of local directors and photographers and other key crew members. It might be hard to find fluent English speaking crews. However,  Japanese crews have a wealth of experience working with international producers. In addition, Japanese media professionals have thorough technical knowledge for all stages of production.

Fixer in Japan is able to source crew at local rates for most production jobs.

Equipment Hire

You can get all the standard lighting, camera, grip, and even specialized filming equipment locally in Japan. If you prefer to bring in your gear from abroad, remember Japan is an ATA carnet country.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Our local production fixers can work with international journalists and media companies on reports or news pieces in the country. We have extensive knowledge working with foreign journalists. In addition, our network of reliable contacts makes booking interviews, verifying facts and local research relatively easy.

General Production Support

Our local film fixers in Japan can help you put together any crew size for both small and large scale production. We work as a full-service production company with an in-depth knowledge of the local landscape to make production possible in our country.