Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world. With the capital in Tokyo, and the many different prefectures all over the country Japan is a world wonder. Doing documentary production in Japan is all about finding that story that needs to be told and the world needs to know about.

Documentary production in Japan, where to begin

Where do you begin when doing documentary production in Japan is all about where you are with the idea when you get the project started. If you’re at the ideal level of the project, skip to the second subtitle of the article. If you’re done with the first part of the production, filming a documentary in Japan is all about finding the right mix between local production and international cooperation. Japan is the land of modern and historic, so finding locations here is not that hard. Most productions start in Tokyo, but you can also go to the many prefectures around the country for some more diverse scenery.

Documentary production in Japan is also about the experience of the locals, who are some of the best producers of movies and comics in the world. Another great incentive for filming in Japan is the magnitude of equipment. Home to the most advanced brands for cameras and accessories on the planet, Japan is heaven for all who are into filmmaking. Getting the best gear in Japan is nothing more than entering the first store that comes into view and just picking it up. No matter what it is that you need. Prices are always right here, and you can find the most brands on one street corner anywhere in the city.

The last thing worth mentioning about movie-making in Japan is the seriousness of the locals when it comes to their job. Producing a documentary in Japan will be a true test of honor for the people, as they take their tasks extremely seriously. They won’t let you down.

Japanese facts that are worth a documentary

Documentary production in Japan is not cheap, but you do get your money’s worth. Yet, there is one thing that money can’t buy, and that is the right, unique and interesting idea to turn into a documentary. What story can you tell about Japan that others before you haven’t? That is the question you have to answer, and we’re here to give you some ideas.

For example, did you know that people in Japan use their phones in the shower or bath? This is why most smartphones are waterproof, and if you ruin them while bathing, the store has to change them with a new one for free. Japan is an archipelago, made out of, hold your breath, 6500 islands! Considering every island has its own story of legendary past and interesting present, you can literally find thousands of stories just by the islands of the place. Finally, Japan is one of the only places on Earth where they have a phallus festival. Google that at your own risk.