Japan is one of the most developed countries anywhere, on all fronts. Including making movies, TV series, animations, and documentaries. Finding the right film fixer in Japan should not be an issue. Yet, there are some things you should know before diving into the search for your fixer in the country of the rising sun.

Where to find a great film fixer in Japan

Where do you find your film fixer in Japan? Tokyo is the number one answer, as a famous TV presenter would say. Being the largest city on earth in terms of population, Tokyo is a country in itself. There’s nothing that you can think of that you can’t find in Tokyo, including services, products, food and beverages, equipment, personnel, you name it. Naturally, fixers are also omnipresent in this most amazing metropolis. Finding the ideal candidate though might not be that easy, especially because of the high offer.

Where do you start in finding the right film fixer in Japan for your movie? The best place would be a video production company. Luckily, there are many in Tokyo, so you can rest assured you will find your people before noon. Find a company that’s within the same domain as your production. If you’re shooting a movie that’s all about the history and traditional locations, go for a company that’s worked on the same topic. There you are most likely to find your match of a fixer, whose expertise has everything to do with your project.

If you can’t find a fixer that you like through video production companies, remember there’s always the alternative of freelance workers. Go online and post some jobs on the more famous freelancing portals. In no time, you should be met with offers from local fixers who’re ready to help you out.

How to hire a fixer in Tokyo

To hire the ideal film fixer in Japan for your production you need to be able to answer a few key questions. First, what is their experience in the movie fixing job? Are they experienced enough to handle the issues that your production might come across? How good are they with managing stressful situations that will surely come about on the set? What is their portfolio like, and what are some of the testimonials their former clients have left for them? If the answers to these questions are mainly positive, you’re on your way towards hiring the right individual.

Don’t forget to hire a fixer who’s a master of the English language. You might think this formality is nothing but you’d be wrong. Many professionals in Asian countries are lacking when it comes to English. The last thing you want is to be poor with communication between you and your fixer on the set when the deal is done and it’s too late for a change in staff. Hire the right fixer from the very start to avoid any blockages.