Nicknamed “the country of the rising sun”, Japan is a masterpiece. The scenery, ancient palaces, and wonders of nature, delicious food, incredible traditions, and the people, all make it a must for travelers. Hiring a production coordinator in Japan is a great idea if you plan on filming there.

Great production coordinator in Japan

Japan is a land of diversity. You’ve got incredible marvels of infrastructure and architecture on one side. And traditional castles and palaces, as well as wonders of nature on the other. Tokyo is the largest city on earth, a true miracle of technology, culture, and progress. On the other hand, you’ve got places like Mount Fuji, or one of the more remote islands of the archipelago, swarming with legends, traditions, and beauty.

If you wish to hire a production coordinator in Japan, start looking for them in the big cities. Tokyo is your best bet, as there are the largest companies in the video production industry of the country. To find your match, look for someone who’s worked with crews filming in the same area of expertise as yours. Give them a chance to explain themselves why they make a great fit for your production. Let them and their portfolio speak, and if they are a match, hire them right away.

A good production coordinator in Japan should be able to keep calm when traversing treacherous waters. If and when problems come up with your production, they should be able to stay calm and manage. They should have experience in equipment, editing software, video, and audio shooting, even acting. A good manager for your production will know a bit of everything and be ready to learn some more every single day. Communicative and dexterous, coordinators are the backbone of your production.

Where to film in Japan

Now that you know what to look for in a production coordinator in Japan, where should you go for shooting your production? It depends, but luckily, Japan is so diverse, you can pretty much film anything here. From movies about samurai warriors and armed conflicts to documentaries about nature and scrumptious foods, you can find them all here. Tokyo is the perfect place to start with. The metropolis is the most populated city on earth and can be the ideal place to film anything. With many palaces and parks, as well as skyscrapers and traditional quarters, this city is one of a kind.

If you’re into cuisine video production, Japan is your next must-visit place. This country is the ultimate beef producer of the highest quality, as the famous Kobe beef, the most tender of all red meats, is produced here only. Sushi, another favorite all over the world, is best served near the main fish market of Japan, the Tsukiji Market. With literally thousands of varieties of fish and seafood on offer, this market deserves its own series, let alone just one documentary. It’s a food lovers paradise for sure!