Japan is the land of sushi, samurai, and sake. That’s the general view of this incredible, modern, and the organized country placed literally at the end of the world. Many wonders await those who hire their production assistant in Japan. Filming-wise, this country is a must for any serious production crew.

Production assistant in Japan and their secret spots

While you might think the internet is a good enough source for your documenting your filming in Japan, it is most certainly not the best. The best thing you can do is to hire your very own production assistant in Japan. A local will surely have his or her secrets when it comes to the land of Pokemon. For once, they will know those hidden spots that any film crew will love to use as a background for their shooting days. For example, what about a Yonaguni shoot under the water, where the famous, yet not touristy monument with the same name resides? Most likely you’ve had no idea about this place before.

For those who’re into nature documentaries, few other places around Japan and the world come close to Iya Valley. This is a splendid location covered with greenery, mountains and valleys, rivers, and rope bridges. It’s a must for your crew. Your production assistant in Japan will come with all of the needed fixings for it to be the ideal filming location for your project. Another must film place is the Takayama city. This is a small but potent place filled with traditional living, delicious food, and amazing culture.

Finally, how about some forest exploring in Yakushima, an island in the far South of the Japanese archipelago. Boasting simply surreal landscapes, Yakushima is a must for documentary filming about the Japanese care for nature and preservation. One look at some of the photos from this place will have any production director hooked immediately.

What’s it like filming in Japan

One of the many reasons why Japan is such a modern and developed country is the strict laws that govern the place, and the people who simply follow the rules. You won’t find dirt in the streets, cars honking out at night for no reason, or any other disturbances. People respect other people, the work that they do for their employers, and the governing bodies that make everything nice and tidy. Your production assistant in Japan knows all about the filming laws in this country of the rising sun, so you are legally covered.

For things like filming permits in or outside national parks, or other touristic areas, your people on the ground know-how and whereto get them. And sure, you can also do it yourself, as Japan is a pretty international place. But it’s another thing to have a Japanese dealing with his or her own system of laws and regulations. Finally, for the team in general, having a Japanese with you is a plus in terms of good food, accommodation, transportation, and all of the rest.